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About Us

With more than 20 years of experience our group, did a lot of professional projects, mostly with Delphi and FreePascal, nation wide.

This package was part of one of our projects, that .

We are providing the only true solution for FireMonkey's glitch for right to left and complex scripts. Yet, there is long way to go, to make every component, BiDi enabled or make a BiDi-Enabled replacement for it.

About Price

We are planning to charge the product with 25$ price, in our final release, which is coming in the late of first quarter of 2018.
Any suggesions is welcome, here.

The components and utils which are being published soon.

Date Presentation

Right now, we are working on date and calendar presentation components and utils, these components are not only useful for apps running in middle east, but for many regions with different calendar system they can be used.
The components are replacements for TDateEdit and TCalendar components.


Although it is not a new component, but a simple method defined in TRTLFixer component, it is worth to mention it, separately.
With this method, you will be able to toggle the position of your components in the form, toggle the appearance of TListView (only for standard appearances), toggle the look and feel of many components, to right-to-left and left-to-right positions.